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Andrew Green

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Oct 19, 2017
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C250 Estate 2012
Hi folks, hoping some sat nav guru might be able to help:

I have a 2012 C250 estate with the Becker unit. This has worked perfectly until three days ago, when the guidance suddenly 'froze', and satellite contact was lost. This persisted for two days, then yesterday it came back to life and acquired satellites again. This lasted for only 30 minutes or so, then satellite contact was lost again, and did not recover.

Any ideas gratefully received!


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Jul 29, 2014
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most use a std connection (fakkra) for the antenna, its not unheard of for the GPS antenna to die on a Mercedes. ebay specials can be found for around £15. At that price might be worth trying one, before hunting down other options.

Although as with anything that has an operating system inside, ensuring everything connected is running the most current software version available often gives the best starting point for it to function as intended.

So it might make sense to check and update firmware/software. A number of devices have issues since satellites rolled over to a new epoch with the year rolling over to start from year 0 again in 2019. Many older TomTom, Garmin and some Merc comand system's receivers got muddled as a result of the odd date info beamed down.

Variants of the Becker MAP PILOT are currently available for the following vehicles:

A Class (>09/2012 – <09/2015)
B Class (>11/2011 – <11/2014)
C Class Limousine (>03/2011 – <03/2014)
C Class T-Modell (>03/2011 – <09/2014)
C Class Coupé (>06/2011 – <12/2015)
CLA Class Coupé (>04/2013 – <11/2014)
CLS Class Coupé (>07/2012 – <09/2014)
CLS Class Shooting Brake (>10/2012 – <09/2014)
E Class Limousine (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
E Class T-Modell (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
E Class Coupé (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
E Class Cabriolet (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
GL Class (>12/2012 – <03/2016)
GLK Class (>06/2012 – <09/2015)
M Class (>11/2011 – <06/2015)
SLK Class (>03/2011 – <06/2016)
Sprinter (>07/2013 – 05/2018)
Vito (>09/2014 – 12/2019)
VW Crafter (>11/2013 – 12/2016)

For more information, please contact your Mercedes Benz dealer.

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