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Big Insurance Saving

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by johno2004, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. johno2004

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    Dec 7, 2007
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    I was shocked yesterday when i needed to sort my insurance which expired at midnight.

    My renewal came in at £865 a couple of weeks ago which was 15 cheaper than i paid last year all due to points and 2 claims.

    After a couple of hours on the compare sites i managed to get a quote with better cover for £629 with the same Company Morethan (what a Joke ) and a better quote with the RAC with the same cover.

    Anyhow yesterday i went back to my quotes and clicked buy on the RAC quote and the compare site started to requote and low and behold up popped a lower quote coming in at £465 with better cover than the RAC from Aviva through Swinton and an excess £200 lower than the RAC.

    So from my original quote of £865 from Morethan Insurance to £465 with Aviva HAPPY DAYS:D

    Just goes to show that looking around can save you fortunes.

    I can only presume they are having a push for new business.

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