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build details

Discussion in 'AMG' started by johnobrien, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. johnobrien

    johnobrien New Member

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    Jul 9, 2018
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    clk 430 avantguarde convertable w208 2000 plate
    Hi all
    A good few years ago when i at last became the owner of my coveted & very nice clk 430 avantguarde convertable, a very nice lady at the dealership i visited to have the car serviced told me that if i contacted mercedes uk, and gave me a web address..i would be able to obtain full details of every part, inc part NO.s that were used to build my particular vehicle.

    its only recently i did send an e-mail but it came back as the address no longer or did not exist.

    As my particular vehicle seems to be fitted with uprated suspension, brakes etc , finding parts is becoming a chore.

    i had a broken front coil spring and decided to replace the dampers whilst doing the coil springs but finding the correct replacements was not easy, so...my question is...does anyone know if mercedes do in fact or will provide such details as the nice lady said ? and if so..what web addresss to send a request to ?

    Also, whilst im online.... ..im also doing a refurb on the brakes...and one of the calipers is beyond repair..problem is it looks like an early AMG upgrade type caliper, having twin pots / pistons and the discs are 330mm diameter, whereas every caliper available online has only one pot and discs 300mm diameter...so my question is..are the newer AMG calipers & discs an easy straight swap onto my vehicle ? and would any fit ? theres no way i would downgrade, so to speak, to the single pot caliper and smaller disc as im sure mercedes had good reason to fit the larger units its a v8 afterall

    any pointers greatly appreciated
  2. peterws1957

    peterws1957 Senior Member

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    Apr 3, 2016
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    sl350 /2004/3.7 and CL65/2009/6.0
    I suspect that the reason you have not had a response is that no one has heard of the MB service you mention. The person giving you the original info may have been referring to the Electronic Parts Catalogue which will give you exploded images of the components of your model with part numbers. Won't give as much detail as your individual build tho'. You can access the EPC on tinterweb.
    As far as your brakes are concerned I would be tempted to go into your local MB AMG dealer and ask them the questions. Parts departments are usually very helpful. Alternatively go to an indie such as MSL in Birmingham who have expertise in AMG's.
  3. LostKiwi

    LostKiwi Senior Member

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    Aug 25, 2006
    Midlands / Charente-Maritime
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    '93 500SL-32, '01 W210 Estate E240, 02 R230 SL500 (Malcolm Spec), 04 Smart Roadster Coupe
    If you purchase an EPC subscription you can enter your VIN number and it will give you the parts listing. Anything not for your car will be flagged.
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