C220 driver door latch issue !


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Apr 1, 2018
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West Lancashire
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Now a 2005 55 plate C Class 220 CDI Estate Auto in Iridium Silver with Black Nappa Leather.
Hi to you all out there.
After several days of heavy/hard overnight frost including partial thawing then re-freezing and thawing again I went out to my C220 CDI Auto Estate and activated the lock in order to gain entry ahead of a specialist mobile replacement key operative arriving from Carma Automotive.

The car unlocked but within a minute or so the door would not shut properly - the latch had gone into the 'lock' position and would not allow closure of the door. Even attempting moving the latch with a flat screwdriver would not release it from the locked position.

Is this a pending electrical issue with the door electrics of is it a momentary lack of sufficient lubrication on the moving parts that the lock electrics activate ?

A quick squirt of WD40 around the latch parts and into the door handle lock might prevent a reoccurrence - has anyone suffered the same issue ?

Just as I was constructing this post the Carma Automotive mobile operative arrived at the bungalow.

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