Clk w208 200 kompressor 01 strange issues


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Jan 30, 2018
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Hi guys, i’m new over here as member but reading for a couple of years since i got my mb :)

I have some strange issues on my CLK and no codes are appearing.

Issue 1. Sometimes idles like crazy going from 500 to 2000 rpm, its hard to break because it can pull a bit.

Issue 2. Sometimes speed limiter isn’t working and i get an error speedtronic visit workshop, when i get that, there is a massive power loss and the metal thing that controls air flow on the charger is stuck at the middle. This usually happends when its a bit cold outside ( below 5 deg celsius )

Issue 3. Rare but anoying, when i flor it over 4000 rpm while on a highway it sometimes lose power and start shaking like crazy and it sounds like a tractor.

Usually all 3 issues are resolved when i just restart the car.

I think all issues are somehow connected but i really don’t have a clue what can this be.

I know that MAF is ok, cleaned it and even unpluged it, still the same result.

I hope somebody had a similar set of issues because really need some help to figure rhis out and fix it.

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