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The dreaded service reminder came on the dash as I started up one day telling me that in a few weeks I need an "F" service.
Living where we do it inevitably means a day trip out as there is no dealer or indie's nearby. After some debate we chose the main dealer. The price was only £35.00 more than the indie but the dealer was closer. The dealer was Mercedes of York.
Well, I can only say that the customer service was first class. Everything from start to finish was excellent. They dropped us in York and came for us when the car was ready. The one to one with a service manager around a table both before and after is a great thing rather than a piece of paper given to you by a receptionist afterwards. If you want to wait at the dealer, plenty of hot and cold drinks are available in the lounge area with TV, papers and desks for you laptop if needed.
Based on our experience, we felt highly valued and respected as customers.
Oh, and the price.....£228.00 (£7.00 less than quoted).
Well done and thank you Mercedes of York. :D

PS. I mentioned the SBC unit and was told not to worry and that they have never had one refused by Mercedes.
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Oct 19, 2012
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Very South Devon
Your Mercedes
Used to have a C63...
Good to hear some positives!

I must say, so far, so good with Mercedes Exeter..... Touch wood!

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