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COMAND Sat-Nav update

Discussion in 'Electrics, Vacuum, Ignition and ECU' started by CB8649, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. CB8649

    CB8649 Member

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    Sep 5, 2010
    Yateley, Hampshire, UK
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    Mercedes-Benz C320CDI Sport Estate with Brabus engine upgrade
    I recently decided to bite the bullet & pay the premium price demanded from M-B to update my COMAND sat-nav with the latest version, so I ordered it from Tony Purslow, Basingstoke hoping I'd be given my 10% discount making it a few quid cheaper than from comandonline.

    Being a special order item it had to come from Germany & I was eventually told it was in so I went & collected it & paid my £211, no discount. Great, I'll load it whilst I'm still at the dealership in case of any problems. Wow, it simply take forever! The instructions indicate 150 minutes, whilst stationary prefereably! In the event of low battery the download will shut down & resume where it left off.

    That done I later found the version I was sold was v8, from 2011, comandonline offers version 10, May 2012...what's going on? Following an email to M-B customer services all was resolved & the dealership contacted me with apologies & sent version 10. Now, of course, I have to go through the whole 150 minutes process yet again.

    I cannot blame Tony Purslow's for this as they ordered what was listed as the latest version, I'm assured, M-B not keeping their dealerships' data bases up to date with latest equipment, it seems.

    Oh, yes, there is still no full UK postcode accessibility in version 10, why?

    Finally, I bought a new TomTom, (Via 135, UK & ROI maps), recently too for my wife's car, £135, perhaps I should have bought two & saved a load of time, hassle & cash!!!

    Just thought I'd pass this on.

    Happy motoring!

  2. Chrishazle

    Chrishazle Senior Member

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    May 25, 2009
    Nr Ashford, Kent
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    S204 2008 C220CDI Elegance Estate Auto, 2008 R171 Facelift SLK280
    If your car, like mine, is a pre-facelift 204 with NTG4, the only way to get full UK postcode is to replace the NTG4 Comand with an NTG4.5 Comand - which also entails replacing the entire dashboard! I got this info from Comandonline just after I acquired my S204 - and decided I did not really really need full postcode entry, if push really came to shove I'd use my Navman instead!

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