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Custom R129 Outdoor Waterproof & Breathable covers

Discussion in 'Autocare, Detailing, Valet, Product reviews' started by Morethanpolish, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Custom Made covers for R107 SL at off the shelf prices...
    If you will be using the car occasionally and it may be wet, you can use this car cover as it allows the car to breathe, with moisture evaporating but no fresh water coming onto the car. It is totally waterproof.
    SL 1.jpg SL 2.jpg SL3.jpg
    It will keep your car clean and safe from bird mess, tree sap and debris etc.
    The stretchy 'wet-suit' type fabric is UV and frost proof and will stretch to fit your car. Covers have double stitched seams so a tiny amount of water may leak through in heavy storms but will later harmlessly evaporate.

    They attach with strong elastic front and rear and adjustable straps under your Mercedes. Guaranteed for twelve months, supplied with a storage bag and an optional cable lock.

    Newly available are black versions with mirror pockets for the R107 SL only. See illustration below.

    £239 inc vat, in stock


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