Delay before starting. 2006 A150

Andy Dinham

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Aug 6, 2020
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A150 2006
My wife picked up a lovely 2006 A150. Very clean and in good condition. However it does have one minor flaw the seller managed to get passed her.

When you try and start the car there is an approx one min delay before it will turn over. You insert the key and everything comes to life but nothing at the final step of the key turn. No sounds from the engine bay.

However if you give it a min or so, turn the key back (to off) and then try again it starts. It'll then be fine, starting as normal. The problem only returns when the key has been left out for a short period of time (again approx a min)

Got to try some new batteries for the key fob (as soon as i can find the right ones....)

Any other ideas? We could live with it but would rather get it fixed, if not too pricey.
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