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Well, said I would let you know how I got on with this...

Had the DICE FM Modulator fitted today by my MB Indy whilst in for a B service

And.... a success

Dice FM RDS | Artist Track Information | iPod Car


Link explains it and how it works, but he

Disassembled the dash (thanks for making that bit easy Mercedes!)
Wired the three power leads up to the ISO connector that feeds the Audio 10 HU
Diverted the car aerial lead into the DICE box
Fed in the IPOD lead into the box
Connected the out to the Audio10 aerial socket
Set it to one of the 6 frequencies on the box using the selectors 'pins',
Stored that frequency on the Audio 10
Stuck box under the passenger dash area
Fed IPOD lead through to centre console top box

And pressed play

Sound is great - its that simple

(plus putting car back together again - thanks Mercedes again!)

With Ign on and IPOD connected, turn Audio 10 on, select FM station stored and press play on the IPOD.
It charges the IPOD and sound quality is as good as FM and CD though the standard speakers.
AND it displays the track and artist playing on the RDS HU screen

There are a few negatives
IPOD control is only through the IPOD, not HU
You won't get traffic updates

You do retain all HU and SWC features - not track select though
All other radio stations seem unaffected
No drift or interference

The major issue I had is that the power leads are too short (about 8 inches - you could extend them if capable I suppose)
so where you put the DICE box is limited.

Instructions are NOT to place behind the HU ( tight in there anyway) as you might need to update firmware or check a cable, so a little more wire wouldn't go amiss.

If you have an Audio 10 or Audio 30 without an aux in and don't want to swap the HU, this is a reasonable solution and not a hard DIY fit at all, once you get the dash apart.

Hope that review is of some help - I say worth it.;)



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Mar 14, 2005
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Your Mercedes
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Thanks Fabes and good to read that,thank you :D:D


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Aug 29, 2009
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Your Mercedes
Merc S class 2003 model

Good information but unfortunately i have no knoweldge abt car technical details :(

I have 2003 S 500 (W220) with working command system (except tv part). Do you know whether this will work in my car? I want to connect my iPhone for music.

I have posted a seperate thread to know my command system details.

Thanks Fabes and good to read that,thank you :D:D


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Aug 26, 2006
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Dice electorincs rock!

I have fitted a dice electronics pro-fit universal fm modulator kit to my W210 last week and I have to say I am impressed.

Useful information

You will need the ISO connector with the dice system, not the FAKR one.

1) Look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzpkS6QcZyg to see how to remove the centre console. Take out the ashtray and the vanity unit and the radio. I made a hole in the back of the vanity unit to feed the ipod cable though.
2) You need to take a switched 12V from the live on the cigar lighter (centre pin of lighter). I used a red scotchlock connector for this. I also took a wire and ended it in a spade 4mm female connector (label it switched 12V)
3) You need to use the thick red wire on the back of the radio (+12V pin 4) and the thick brown wire (gnd pin 8) for the unit (I used blie scotchlock connectors). Terminate the wires with female spades and label one gnd (ground) and the other +12V
I chose 107.7MHz as my frequency for the dice box.

Put the ashtray and central console back in, remembering to bring the new wire out from under the ashtray.

Put the radio back in remembering to bring the wires out from the back.

I put spade male on all the connectors and sat the dice box behind the vanity box. Connect everything up and voila!, an excellent solution for those who don't have an aux capability on their audio 10.

The sound quality is excellent and shows me that I need new speakers in the doors!

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