Discrepancies between MBs amplifier removal instructions and my car


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Sep 3, 2016
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CL500 2009 5.5
I think most of these are due to the pictures of a W221 in WIS and my C216.
Any advice most welcome.

Q1. It says remove the bracket 4 if you have a reversing camera
I do have code 218 a reversing camera, so should have plate 4.

But mine looks like this, I therefore assume on a C216 I dont have plate 4 , and the studs 5 and threaded hole 4 correspond to where plate 4 would go.
I also assume I dont have to remove the plate marked X in green, as its glued or welded where the blue arrows are. And at the top has 4 rivets!

Q2. MB say undo one bolt 8 and loosen one nut 7 (marked in red) and lift the bracket 13 up and move to the side.
And then undo the electrical connectors

The odd part is where they say move 13 to the side.
From what I can deduce, it looks like they have rotated the bracket 13, 180 degrees to expose 4 nuts holding on the amp.

Am I correct? Note the wiring harness 10 shown in Blue is now on the left side whereas in situ it is on the right. Looks like the wing on the right is where bolt 7 goes?

It does not say anything about cable ties but I assume, I need to cut the 2 cable ties at the top in Green, but leave the harness 10 secured to the side of the backing plate by the marked in Yellow cable tie

As I am sure the moaners will ask, why be so detailed.
MB say keep all MOST Fibre Optic Bends to a min. Radius of 25mm.
But here at the top that Diameter bend is ONLY circa 22mm i.e. 11mm Radius from the factory :(
Its also very stiff, so I would prefer to be absolutely sure I am bending it the right way, and have removed all the brackets I need to, especially as its already technically a bit over-bent!
Rather than get stuck halfway.

And at the bottom its 2mm away from the sharp edge of the retaining Bracket

Out of interest would it be worth splitting lengthwise, circa 50mm long, some 6mm I.D. clear plastic hose and slip this over this FO MOST cable to prevent the curve becoming tighter/ chaffing?

I will slide some 3mm foam up between the bracket and the MoST cable when I twist it around.?
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