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DPF Removal

Discussion in 'GAD Tuning' started by GAD Tuning LTD, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    Mercedes W205 C63s Edition 1 - C350 CDI
    DPF Removal –

    Many customers come to us when there DPF filter is blocked and cannot be regenerated. Or for performance reasons many people opt to have the DPF filter removed when increasing performance to further improve both engine efficacy and performance.

    Replacing the DPF is costly, many customer and main dealerships contact us to remove the DPF software and 80 % of the time we will have the physical filter modified or removed to stop any future DPF blockages or issues from arising.

    Typical cost for DPF Removal is £599:00 Inc VAT

    With the following included

    - EGR Disable
    - Turbo Pressure increased
    - Torque limiters changed

    For more information please contact us via

    - www.GADTuning.co.uk
    - T 05603 67 21 09
    - E info@gadtuning.co.uk
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