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Jul 5, 2020
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2010 W251 OM642
Hi all,
My passenger side (RHD) CV joint is making noise. My local CV specialist says the parts are too expensive from Mercedes to recondition them and he can’t get them aftermarket.

So I’m looking for a 2nd hand replacement shaft and had a look on EPC. My questions:

Is the left / right designation looking from the front of the car?

When I selected the shaft, it comes up with some additional wording:

Left side
To Chassis A137866
To Date 29/7/2011, Except model year 803

Right side
To Chassis A137866
To Date 29/7/2011, Except model year 803

From Chassis A103151, From Date 12/8/2009

Does this mean I can only buy 2nd hand shafts from models built within these years/chassis numbers?

Is the A chassis number that is being referred to related to the last 7 digits of the VIN?

My VIN is WDC2510202A113544 and is a 2010 W251 R300

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I’ve got a 3000km road trip in a few weeks with the kids and need to get this sorted before then!


Feb 8, 2006
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Grange Moor
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Right and left is normally from sat in the drivers seat

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