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Apr 2, 2009
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Hi all. Can you help me? I have an E220 cdi 2002. Its covered 123K and still drives like new. Just had the wings re-painted they were rusty and all looks good again. But a few months ago i was just coming down the slip road for the motorway and it pushed an injector out. Lots of smoke from the exhause and it came to a stop.
Not to much of a problem. I took it to my local garage and had the small bolts and clamps, that hold the injectors in place replaced with better ones (bigger and stronger). Had the injector seat washers replaced while it was there. The garage had come across this problem many many times before. Infact they had a MB van in that they were doing at the time i went in to see them.
So out it comes and all is well. Drove just like before. No problems or so i thought untill i was sat at the lights, with it still in drive, and i noticed a lot of smoke black coming from the exhaust. When i started to drive it stoped smoking. It still does this today, some 3 monthe later, so i got the wife to drive it and i followed in another car. It looks like it smokes all the time. Not over much, but it should stop smoking when its been driven. It doesnt.
If this was old school i would say 'valve steam oil seals' but its not. So where do i turn to get the fault found? and has anyone come across the same problem?
Oh and something else...........the oil level is bang on correct but after about 30 minutes of driving at 70 / 80 mph on the motorway there is a fault that shows on the dash-board........its telling me the engine is over full with oil. I have looked on the dip stick every saturday for 2 months and its not overfull, but it always comes up with this fault
Please help
THank you
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Mar 23, 2007
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south wales
Did you find a solution as I have the same problem. Oil warning always after service and keeps it going for a few months. Have reduced oil level in past and this works. I now have two injectors leaking and car still drives smooth.

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