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Hi All. I have a couple of questions to ask as I am going to do some big servicing and general repairs very shortly.
I Have brought a very good dot4 brake fluid, but noticed the original merc fluid is of a green colour. Is it ok to use my stuff or is it best to buy merc fluid!. I DONT WANT TO GET IT WRONG LOL.
Also I am not sure if I have asked this before on here, as other sites not so helpful. I need to replace my Injector Pump Nozzel seals, BUT need to Buy or borrow a Socket. Can anyone assist!. Merc wont sell me the socket. Then I did a serach and found an merc deisel specialits but I dont think they were intrested in helping me with the purchase of a socket.
Now I have seen the Tie rod and bush replacment thread I will do thses as well as, as got the wheels off to bleed the brakes.
This is a well laid out site, easy to find stuff. Thanks to you all



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Apr 23, 2008
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Merc brake fluid is not green in colour (at least i dont think so)
Green brake fluid means that it has absorbed a lot of water from the air and won't be much good now. Brake fluid is 'hydroscopic'.
Your new brake fluid will be fine (probably yellowish or golden colour).


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Feb 4, 2009
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as above. ordinary dot 4 is what mercedes use. look for threads on delivery valve seals by parrot of doom (if memory serves me, its in the diy section) there may be a hint where to buy the socket there. failing that ANY DECENT tool retailer to the motor trade should be able to help you. if you do attempt this yourself, make sure everything remains clean, beyond clean (if that makes sense) as the least little spec of dirt could ruin your entire injector pump!

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