early W209 Audio 10 HU replacement


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Aug 20, 2009
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Hello all - 1st time poster!

I have Googled this quite a bit, and have found bits and pieces, just want to see if anyone has been through the same.

I have recently acquired a 2003 'W209' CLK - fab all round, except a rattly CAT and a rather old fashioned becker CD HU.

I think this is an early iteration of the W209 - I don't think it's a fibre CAN or a command module - the facia plate has the screws on left/right sides - I think this car has more in common with an early W203...?

At least it is ISO, except, it doesn't seem to have an ignition-live wire, at least not where is is supposed to be, according to http://www.beckerelectronics.com/1492.html

So my new JVC HU has constant power, but won't power-up without the ignition.


I've found this site that seems to suggest that I need another adaptor, but I am not sure which of their offerings is the right one for me, or if they are necessary for my application - the fella who runs the site is on his hols, it seems.

Anyone know if I need extra adaptors for this, or is there another way to lash-up the igntion-live feed?

Cheers for now!

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