Finally fixed the rattly passenger head rest!


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Dec 12, 2012
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Third time lucky but finally succeeded, there's several posts about that say spread the legs of the headrest but that's no good if you have the memory pack due to the way they attach. I know a lot of others suffer with this so here's what worked for me.

Remove back of seat by removing two screws at bottom, sliding it down and then pulling out from the top. Then unclip the seat cover at the top, it's obvious how to do it when it's in front of you, so you can get at the top of the guides. If you run your finger up the back of the guide you'll feel the metal frame of the seat and it is this gap that needs a tight wedge pushed into it. Up to you what you use but you need something that will be a bit fatter than one of you're fingers when fully compressed, I tried it with foam the first time and it wasn't solid enough to stop the noise, you need something that needs forcing in. I used a centimetre thick piece of felt folded in half but a pencil rubber that's thick enough would work just as well I guess.

Wedge both the guides tight and you're done. My only problem now is the very slight and occasional rattle from the driver's door, only when the window is closed oddly, which now seems much louder and more annoying in the otherwise blissful silence, tackle that one next week :(

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