for the poor unfortunates that don't have "command"

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Dec 5, 2006
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I have bin "moochin" around fer ages trying to get a Handsfree kit for my W210 & my I Phone...........Most of em were MEGA BUCKS so decided to steer clear

By Chance I dropped on E-Bay & looked about a bit found a Wharfdale CD player (Available from ARGOS fer 65 Quid) Single DIN unit Straight swop for standard radio Has BLUETOOTH BUILT IN & USB Flash drive Interface

Linky >>>>>

Got a £2.50 "Stick it to yer Windscreen" I Phone mount & WAAAAAYYYY HEEEEEYYYYYYY ........

FULL HANDS FREEE PHONE + FLASH DRIVE & all fer under 70 quid!!!!! Downloads ALL yer Phone book into the Radio & My I Phone gives me the option to either answer by

1. Wharfdale
2. I Phone
3. Headset

I cannot fault this in ANY way it is just STUNNING.

Thought you guys should know if yer searchin for a Handsfree kit & you don't have "command" (Just a "Normal" radio)


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Jan 24, 2008
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I was looking into these sets before changing car.
I came across several similar units, Bluetooth, usb, SD etc. Strangely, a lot of them have an Aux connection,,,,, but at the rear of the unit. You had to have a cable sticking out the dash to connect stuff via Aux.

Still, when I bought my 211, it has the pre-wire kit and Audio 20,,,, but no bluetooth kit !!

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