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Jun 11, 2020
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Jumped in my 4 year old GLC yesterday and went to power down both front windows due to the heat and found that only the right window went down. My first thought was a problem with the left door mechanism but this is not the case as the LH door window switch powers the window OK, so simple logic would say a RH door switch problem or maybe a connection between RH and LH doors. Checking either looked impossible so decided to check this forum for help and found the message below.

"They generally only need coding for right hand drive. They come coded for left hand drive. The only thing that won't work is the pass window switch on the driver's door. The window will raise and lower from the pass door switch, just not from the driver's door. If you can live with it, get it done later at an independent"

Describes my problem exactly so before I waste my time trying to check the switch and other connections my question is "can the door module lose it RHD coding".

Appreciate any help


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