Hi everyone,this is my first time here and I would like to ask a question.
I recently bought a CLK 230 Convertible/2001. My problem is the roof.Two day's ago the roof would not go up and I had to raise it manually but now I have noticed the rear off the roof is only semi-closed and I can not open the boot due to the keys don't open the boot and I have called auto locksmiths with no joy.
If you can suggest anything I would be very greatful.
Cheers and happy driving
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Jul 31, 2006
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Ah ... its a shame that you posted with such an odd title.
I was expecting it to be about towing horse boxes or something.

May I suggest that you repost with a title like "CLK convertible roof problems."

There is obviously an issue with motor's and/or micro-switches on your roof.

As far as I am aware the boot wont open unless the roof is fully stowed or fully extended and at the moment it is neither.

Although I've not checked I expect that there are a couple of threads covering similar issues, until someone with more knowledge than I responds, perhaps you could have a look at them.

In the meantime welcome to the forum.

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