intermittent electric windows




I've had a problem with the passenger side electric window on my X reg vito 110 CDI since I got it last September passenger side electric window only worked some of the time. The drivers side was ok so I've been putting off investigating. with the current hot weather I've decided to have a look. I found and repaired damaged wires in the rubber tube thingy that's in the gap when the door is open (does that make sense my minds gone blank for the correct term) I have read that it is a common fault. No change if I 'jump' a earth into the blue or black wire (it was a few days ago I could have got the colours confused) then the window will go up or down depending on which wire I earth. I thought it was a problem with only the passenger side, but after check the drivers side i found that the previous owner had put 2 wires in to make the drivers side work so I assume that the problem effects both sides. I've run out of ideas I haven't got a wiring diagram and I'm not very good at modern car electrics, I'd be very grateful for and help

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