intermittent starting problem vito


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Jul 15, 2009
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Hi everyone

Experiencing problems with my Vito 11o cdi ,the glow plug light doesn't light up when turning the key ,everything else on the instrument panel lights up, also the engine will not turn over. When the glow plug eventually does come on, and after several attempts at starting, the engine runs fine all day. This appears to be happening intermittently and usually first thing in a morning.
The van has been into a garage and had new glow plugs fitted and had a diagnostic check carried out – no faults found apart from a glow plug relay main feed corroded but has now been repaired.
Also had a diagnostic check done by Mercedes technicians, found 34 start error faults, but not sure what the problem is. I have spent several hundred pounds trying to rectify this problem but to no avail.
Would appreciate any help regarding this.

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