iPod interface for new ML ??



Hi All,

First post here......and from a long time BMW driver, so please be gentle.

Anyway, yesterday I pressed the button on ordering a new ML350 Sport for various reasons (coming across from a BMW530d mSport Touring) and the car I ordered was a "standard" spec (Audio 20 I think) ML350 Sport to get a quick delivery (currently "on the boat" and due here in a few weeks).

So - the one thing I will miss from my Beemer is the iPod interface with control from the steering wheel and full display on the in dash screen.

I know this is probably a much asked question, but as I'm not up on the current model numbers, etc, etc....can anybody advise the best and lowest cost option to get this capability? I didn't want to spring for the full COMAND system as I don't need to drop 2K+ on Satnav when I have a top of the range TomTom that I take with me on my travels (I travel a lot and use a lot of hire cars).

I probably have a route to get lower cost fitting than the MB dealers (my brother in law owns a car security/communications company that deals with large fleets), so would welcome any advice on what to go and buy to give his guys to fit....

Anyway....I'm looking forward to the new ride and hopefully it won't suffer the same fate as my last Beemer (died in a flood!)



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