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Oct 16, 2006
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I finally bit the bullet and spent £149 on a new Bosch MAF for the wifes SLK. The original one was just over 9 years old with 39K miles.

The transformation is amazing. It now pulls like a train, gearchanges are smoother at high RPM and the idle is smoother.

Having read various threads on the forum I was 90% certain it was the MAF i.e. down on power (almost as if the kompressor wasn't working), gear changes clunky under hard acceleration and irratic idle. The funny thing is that it drove perfectly at low speed never missing a beat.

I tried cleaning the old unit a few weeks ago with isopropyl but this had no effect infact I was surprised at how clean the old unit was - no traces of oil or debris. The old MAF was obviously doing something as the engine cut out when I took TV's advice to unplug it. It does seem that the performance of the sensor has degraded over time rather than completely failing.

I did toy with getting a replacement Pierburg sensor but this was £100 and I would have had to buy a set of security torx bits so maybe could have saved £40 in total.
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