MBU 1000 contacts sync problems


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Jul 31, 2011
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Afternoon chaps,

I recently bought an MBU 1000 off fleabay. Have no problems pairing with my phone (iPhone 4s) and have set the switches on the back of the unit to software B (have the 6310i cradle in my car) - everything works as it should until it comes to syncing my phone book with the car - the sync button flashes (as it should do) but no contacts transfer to the car???? I have left syncing for 40 odd minutes on 2/3 occasions. I have taken out +44 numbers, all email addresses I have saved under contacts names along with all home addresses that I had for some of my contacts. I have checked the phone and it has the latest firmware/software - 200027039.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

PS - can I just say a quick thank you to Clive @ Benzworkx for trying to sort me out with my first MBU - unfortunately we got unlucky and I still owe you that pint!)
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