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Merc B Class (2006) Light Steering

Discussion in 'Suspension, Steering & Brakes' started by ap6, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. ap6

    ap6 Member

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    May 28, 2010
    West London
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    Merc B Class B170 Auto (56 plate)
    I seem to find that the steering on my 2006 B Class (B170 Auto) is very light.

    A better description would be that when going round a mini round about that i have to turn the steering wheel a full 360 degress whereas in my dad's B170 it's only about a 180 degrees turn.

    Is this indicative of a bigger problem ?

    If not, can this be fixed, and at what kind of cost ?

    Or maybe in fact, can this be done yourself...........

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