Merc C220 cdi Avantgrade


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Jul 13, 2009
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Can some one help me please, :D the wing mirror on my C220 has stopped folding electronicaly, as soon as i pushed the switch to fold them while parking, i heard a cracking noise and then it stopped working. I had merc warranty but unfortunately like they normally do, they said its not covered 'you might have hit some thing' they say you have to replace 2038106576 Folding mirrior frame (costs 377.24). the part could be bought from euro car parts for 79.00 but i need info that how to replace it. and tools needed as my star bit set t15, t20 and T25 dosn't fit. so it might be some other screw driver. I can still hear the motor works but i can see the perating pully has broken its way out of the frame.

Please help.

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