Mercedes C63 AMG 4.0 Biturbo Stage 1 Correction!!!

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Feb 8, 2013
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Hello members,

We had this stunning C63 AMG in for Stage 1 software calibration

Got to work as usual checking tyres, dif, coolent, oil and fuel quality while running diagnostics on the vehicle while letting everything cool as these run very hot and can soak while sitting very easily.

Multiple runs and sweep test along with different RPM tests.

What was found on the Dyno was that the car he had bought only a few weeks before had already been tuned but nothing to write home about.

Due to the ECU location its not possible to grab the data off the ECU in a timely manor so we started again but have no idea on who tuned it before as the car without tuning paperwork.

OEM - 469bhp and 650nm

XXX Tune - 533bhp and 823nm

Stage 1 - 592bhp and 886nm

Below are plots, shots and runs....

For any enquires please feel free to pop an email over to or call direct on 05603 67 21 09

Many thanks

IMG_20210123_204204_751.jpg IMG_20210123_204204_755.jpg 20210123_104406.jpg Mercedes C63 AMG Stg 1.jpg


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