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Mercedes C63 AMG M177 4.0 V8 BiTurbo Stage 1 calibration with Dyno!!!

Discussion in 'Tuning, Styling and Performance.' started by GAD Tuning LTD, Feb 10, 2020.

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    Mercedes W205 C63s Edition 1 - C350 CDI
    Hello members,

    Had a lovely Mercedes C63 AMG in for Stage 1 tuning at the weekend, was a bit of a batman spec really everything blacked out was very aggressive and stealthy looking.

    Got to work as usual checking tyres, dif, coolent, oil and fuel quality while running diagnostics on the vehicle while letting everything cool as these run very hot and can soak while sitting very easily.

    Multiple runs and sweep test along with different RPM tests.

    What was interesting was this was possibly a little on the low side but all logging showed the vehicle was absolutely fine, tested in multiple gears under loud to see if results varied which they didn't.

    Was very happy to find it unlocked some potential after the tuning process was completed.

    Everything on these is OBD now so communication time is very very fast.

    Gaining an extra +130bhp and +247nm

    Below are plots, shots and runs....

    For any enquires please feel free to pop an email over to info@gadtuning.co.uk or call direct on 05603 67 21 09



    Many thanks

    Anthony @ GAD

    Mercedes C63 AMG FE63RNS Stg 1 Jpeg.jpg
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