Mercedes C63s AMG Estate 4.0 BiTurbo Stage 1 Remapping and Dyno!!!

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Feb 8, 2013
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Hello members,

We had this lovely C63s AMG Estate in a couple of weeks back, sorry for the delay in updates we have been insanely busy indeed!

Customer is very very local to us and kindly left it with us for the day.

Please also remember that our AMG Sale is still on!!!

Got to work as usual checking tyres, dif, coolent, oil and fuel quality while running diagnostics on the vehicle while letting everything cool as these run very hot and can soak while sitting very easily.

Multiple runs and sweep test along with different RPM tests.

Logs went to plan and vehicle was behaving as we would expect to the customers delight.

Everything on these is OBD now so communication time is fast.

Gaining an extra +80bhp and +159nm

Below are plots, shots and runs....

For any enquires please feel free to pop an email over to or call direct on 05603 67 21 09

Many thanks

Anthony @ GAD

Mercedes C63s AMG Estate Stg 1 Jpeg.jpg

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