Mercedes E53 AMG Stage 1 Tuning!!!

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Feb 8, 2013
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Mercedes AMG GTS - GLS350d
Hello members,

This is a car we previously tuned for our client before the new Dyno had been installed. We offered to flash the car stock to get stock data but the client wasn't fussed so we carried on with just getting some data and some power and torque plots.

Got to work as usual checking tyres, dif, coolent, oil and fuel quality while running diagnostics on the vehicle while letting everything cool as these run very hot and can soak while sitting very easily.

Multiple runs and sweep test along with different RPM tests.

Logs went to plan and vehicle was behaving as we would expect to the customers delight.

Factory claimed - 435bhp and 520nm

Quoted Stage 1 - 490bhp and 620nm

Actual Stage 1 - 499bhp and 630nm

Below are plots, shots and runs....

For any enquires please feel free to pop an email over to or call direct on 05603 67 21 09

Many thanks

Mercedes E53 AMG Stg 1.jpg


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