Mercedes ML63 AMG Stage 2 Rectification!!!

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Feb 8, 2013
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Good afternoon members

Been meaning to add this one for a few weeks now.

Basically the story goes like this, the owner of this ML63 AMG had had another companies Stage 2 package which included decat exhaust and software.

The customer found himself up against another ML63 AMG and was completely outclassed in the performance department, after catching up with the other ML63 AMG he asked the drive what had he had done to the vehicle, exhausts? Turbos? The other gentleman replied with Stage 1 software by GAD Tuning.

The gentleman then called us straight away and got booked in with us when we reopened for us to analyse what had been done and if we could improve!

He drove down from Coventry and we got to work with file analysis and logging data and found that the tune that was on it was a complete joke! Boost tables missed, torque limiters missed, incorrect deactivation of Lambda and fuelling and ignition strategies where a mess.

After full rectification and logging I could even see fuelling trims correcting themselves and MPG literally gaining in front of my eyes.

Customer was amazed by the difference and has been on a bit of a social media mission showing off the performance now which we think is great.

Customer then reported back to us saying MPG massively and noticeably improved on the way home to the way in.

He then without letting us know went to a linked AWD dyno and the vehicle made 740bhp and over 1100nm of torque and was over the moon.

Customer sent me a video of the dyno pulls and I could see left bank was a little Smokey and recommended a good service and found the plugs had been getting way to hot and had fouled them and now all is well and rectified!

If anyone has any questions please feel free to get in touch we would be happy to chat further.

For any enquires please feel free to pop an email over to or call direct on 05603 67 21 09

Many thanks


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