ML270 2003 power problem - newbie please help!


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Mar 30, 2009
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Hi all

I purchased my ML270 2003 in January and everything was fine until about 2 weeks ago when the parking sensors started turning themselves off and on again when they felt like it. Typical woman I guess I thought nothing of it as I didn't use or rely on them anyway and figured it was a loose wire or something that i would get sorted at next service. However yesterday my vehicle lost power when i pulled away (no turbo boost happened) and after reading some of the forums it apparently went into 'home mode' with max 3000 revs, also sounded rather noisy when engine was ticking over. Managed to get home, switched engine off. Took it out again a few hours later to see if it still did the same and the power was fine, the noise had also gone. But after switching engine off and on again the problem reoccured. Could the parking sensor problem and the power problem be related to some kind of electronic problem? I'm hoping it's not the turbo breaking down as a new turbo was fitted in June 2008 and it has done less than 6000 miles since. I presume the turbo is still under warranty (I was given the receipt by the previous owner - hopefully there will be no issue with turbo parts warranty despite change of owner). I would rather not drive it 40 miles to the MB dealer that fitted the turbo (I worry that driving the vehicle, especially on a motorway could make the problem worse) if the problem isn't actually the turbo.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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