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Jun 15, 2012
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Just had an email from Groupon - a company called IValet in the London area is offering a mobile valet at £29 instead of £95. There are 112 good reviews and they list the postcodes they will serve.

I have no personal connection with this company and make no recommendations.

For those who don't know, you have to join Groupon and buy a voucher for the offer you want which usually remains valid for four months and then in this case, phone up and book it. I had my aircon serviced and topped up this way for about £25 by ATS last summer. Once you have joined, you get about 10 email offers a day, which of course you can filter out if you wish. I used a alternative email address and I quickly scan what's arrived every few days - you never know, from time to time there are good offers.

I know some people won't let anybody near their car but if you're happy to use a service (or like me can't really do it yourself!) this seems like a good price.

If you go to Groupon > can search for Mobile Car Valet (specify London or you'll lots of other stuff).
- That will take you here:

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