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Oct 14, 2020
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S212 BlueEfficiency Estate 2012
Wierd one day my door handle went loose recently.

Worse thing was that I had an MOT due and the child lock was on! It would still lock/unlock and open from the inside.

I managed to get the door open by cutting off the handle with garden shears and used a wire coat hangar to grab some mechanism!

Apparently this saved me some money at the garage. The garage wanted to order and replace the entire "lock mechanism" for about £200 (but I am not sure what that is tbh, if that includes the Actuator?). This also meant stripping out the rivets and inner door panel etc.. I've seen a couple of youtube hacks. They said without all the parts it might break again.

I told garage for me it felt like overkill to replace lock mechanism, as I could open it with a coat hangar, it locked and unlocked fine inside. I guess I thought it seems like just a connecting wire and plastic handle or some inner lock connectors that could needed replacing.

The garage "investigated" and fixed it, not sure what they did but said it was relatively easy. They replaced the handle I broke, the cover, some intermediate layer and function tested it.

It's worked and got through MOT, but been about two weeks and it's just gone loose again!

Is this a common fault with these cars?

About to ring garage, but just wondering if I should agree to more expensive parts this time? Or any insight into the issue would be nice.
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