Need CANBUS help! Mercedes w211


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Jun 2, 2020
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I need advise with my canbus om my 06 E500. I cannot establish link with my OBD scanner. nor can the workshop. The reading are low. I have measure both CAN_Hi and CAN_LOW on my DLC port. I know I should have around 2.5 V standby(HI/LOW), and awake >3.5 V on HI and up to >1.5 V on LOW

my readings:
  • CAN-HIGH pin 6 to 5 = 0,67 V
  • CAN-LOW pin 14 to 5 = 0.4 V
readings when ignition on. (not running)

Im thinking of lift the CAN strip connectors and measure (volt) each metal strip on the CAN distributor, and remove interconnect plug between the CAN distributors and at same time checking voltages on metal strips.
N93 is the gateway - which is connected to DLC port. Best is to start with x30/7 and disconnect the interconnect plug to x30/4 and see if voltage change on can distributor x30/7? and move on to N10/2.


what do you think ?

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