New to the forum with hope of some help on my e350


May 24, 2020
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E350 v6 cdi 2011
Hi guys I have found this forum on line and joined in hope that someone els May have gone through the same issues or can possibly shed some light of knowledge on the matter. My e350 2011 drivers side dipped and high been light has gone out by my side one is still working. So after replacing the bulbs no joy I have been told it’s the ballast which I purchased of eBay fitted and still no luck now I have been told that these units need to be coded in is this right.? It’s booked into a Specalist next week for a scan to see whats going on with it but they seem to think it was the ballast has anyone else had this issue or similar and does the ballast control the side light or just the high and low beam

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