Nextbase DAB 250 placement ina 2104 A Class

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May 7, 2011
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I decided to fit upgrade the standard radio to facilitate playing DAB radio stations & went with the Nextbase 250 model which can be bought from E Bay seller Velocity Electronics (authorised dealer) item number 293680641966, I also bought a Nextbase hardwire kit & a Brodit 654813 centre vent mobile phone holder.

I hate untidy wires all over the car so took a time consuming step of removing the display screen (2 T20 screws) & its mount (pull off) & the removed the glove box (5 T20 screws)
1. I threaded a plastic coated curtain wire from the display screen aperture down to the left & above the glove box
2. I placed the antenna at top of the screen as per Nextabse instructions & fed the cable down behind the A pillar trim panel.
3. I wired in the Nextbase hardwire kit to the ign fed supply on the fuse box (under passenger side carpet)
4. I taped both wires supply & antenna to the plastic coated curtain cable & pulled it through the display screen aperture.
5. I placed the Brodit mount on the second vent & superglued the DAB radio mount to that phone mount.
6. I connected the wires to the Nextbase DAB unit & fitted it the Brodit mount.
7. Replaced the display screen.
8. Tidied the two short lengths of visible wire with a single small cable tie
9. Switched the ign on & tuned the DAB in.

Within a minute the DAB Unit had tuned into a vacant frequency on the radio & began to receive the DAB radio singles from radio stations.
Over a local drive of 12 miles the radio signal didn't fade once & I'm quite happy with the end result.
Photos below.
DSCN1735-min.JPG DSCN1968-min.JPG DSCN1969-min.JPG DSCN1970-min.JPG


Feb 8, 2006
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I fitted one April 2019. Very happy with the signal and sound. I connected it to the 3.5mm aux input as the FM wasn’t the best.

I’ve just bought 2 more from eBay (meant to get one but the app crashed...) had another £10 discount voucher from eBay so £17 for the unit.

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