oil in air intake breather system


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Apr 6, 2009
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Hello again

I posted a question yesterday regarding removing the front bumper on my 230clk kompressor cabriolet. The reason i need to do this is because I have oil in my breather system, we , thats me, a female:eek:, and my good old dad, who is long past retirement age, firsly changed the crank shaft sensor as that is the error code thats stored, bruised hands later, all done but car still running and starting rough! Found oil in breather system and have followed jiminessex very helpful post on the subject:D.All is clean and back together but we have not cleaned the pipe that joins the left section to the right section of the breather system,( sorry im no mechanic, so dont know the official names of these things, please bare with me) that runs along the inside of the front bumper. The reason for this is we have no clue how to remove the bumper, looks pretty major! Television replied to me and said he can give me the information i need but will be a couple of days as he has computer probs! Can anyone please tell me, is it absolutly nessecary to clean this pipe, my dad has run couple of little diy tests and no oil seems to be present there, but if it is important to do, is the only way to do it by removing the front bumper????
Thanks to you all, this is such a great site

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