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Sep 10, 2020
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S600 2001, SL350 2006
Is it supposed to be like this?
When I close the boot on my SL350 2006 (facelift) it sucks down the last little bit, is secure, all fine. (Inside boot cover properly in place, nothing showing on dashboard).
When I press the 'unlock the car' button on the key, the car doors can be opened but the boot cannot.
To open the boot I have to hold the key very close to the boot lock, press the open boot button once and the boot clicks a bit but still won't open, press again and the boot clicks a bit more and opens by squeezing the latch and pulling up.
If I use the open boot button inside the drivers door it's a similar process so - pull once and the boot clicks, pull again and it clicks again but then run quickly to the boot and squeeze the latch before it reseals again?

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