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Oct 17, 2021
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I've read many threads but can't seem to find any with my problem.

I have a 2002 w203 C320.

I seem to have the opposite issue than most which is that the pedal presses about 2 cm before locking the rear wheels. Doesn't even engage the first click on that pseudo rachet system.

Also the pulley assembly under the back bench is tightened quite a lot.

I just got the car and I suspect that its not been set up correctly. All cables and mechanisms look in great shape - no rust.

Do I need to just loosen the star adjuster at the shoes and loosen the pulley mechanism?


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Sep 10, 2006
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C250 CDi AMG Style Sport Prem Plus

if I knew how to Post I would, so am responding until I do!
Just fixed my C250 CDi Coupe as the hand release went floppy and the foot pedal was not engaging/returning and wife was giving me grief!
I Googled and came up with a couple of potential fixes.
1.Main cause was that a SS tension arm had popped out of its socket within a black plastic arm and hey-ho, now it works
2.Sprayed WD40 onto the foot pedal coil spring and into the bulkhead cable gland
3.Read Mercedes handbook and now "depress pedal" before releasing by hand? Never released any of my Mercs in that way until now.

Note, I can't locate the brake cable equaliser on this coupe and would like to know if an inspection plate exists in the rear passenger area as in many other C Class versions? Will have a garage find and grease as required as this is a known problem area and can and will affect the pedal release.

Note: phot attached, tension-arm I re-inserted is just above the inner-end of the rachet quadrant.


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