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May 18, 2009
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Hi Have just recently aquirred 77 350 SL ( Lapis Blue ) lovely looking car goes like stink (Warp drive two )
Have some questions am hoping some one can answer
1) Does any know of or can recomend an independant garage in the North East ( Newcastle Area ) that can be trusted to carry out routine services and maybe some light body work.
2) The car appears to have aftermarket electric window motors fitted as the door cards have been cut and what appears to be black plastic caps fitted which seen to be a push fit over the rotary splines question is would the originals have been manual wind up/down windows/ mechanisn or could the motors be from another model
3) I have been offered an interior from a 83 SL will it fit the only obvious difference appears to be window winder plugs in the door cards as mentioned above and shorter door pockets the interior includes both door cards and all the rear trim plus windsreen pillar covers, console under dash panels etc
4) The dash top has split am wondering how esy is it to remove/replace and again would a dash top from a later model fit
Finally if the interior is just a straight swap I intend to sell my original interior if any one is interested let me know the seats and door cards are in pretty good condition but the trim for the rear has had speaker holes cut into it the color is dark blue with the blue cloth check inserts I maybe also interested in flogging the rear seats which are in VGC
Bill Mac


Jan 29, 2009
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Your Mercedes
Currently 280SL auto 1981 needs TLC - used to have.. 300TE estate, 300TD Estate
Rear seats - blue check cloth

Hi Bill

Have you still got the rear seats for your SL with the Blue checked fabric trim - I may be interested if you have?

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