R-Class centre console removal


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Apr 28, 2019
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Hi Guys

The other day, I put my bank card in the tray on my R-Class only to find it had actually slid down between the lid and the centre console frame. I had tried recovering it, with a pair of tweezers, sticky back plastic and sticky buds. none of which worked.

I was therefore forced to remove the actual centre console it's self. Therefore, I thought I'd post a method and a few pics of how I did it. As I couldn't find anything on YouTube or any other sites.

1) I pulled the trim out which runs down either side of the centre console. On mine its grey, yours may be black. See image 1

2) Having pulled the trim away, I then pulled the silver chrome effect trim UPWARDS, DO NOT pull it towards you, as you will break the retaining clips, as you pull the trim, upwards. You may hear, the metal clips fall. See image 2. However, don't panic, they will be easy to retrieve afterwards.

3) Once you've removed the silver trim, Go to the twin cupholder cup holder and lift the rubber mat once lifted you will see 2 T25 torx see image 3 & 4

4) Once you have removed the two Torx bolts, get a trim puller and lift the coin holder, which fits at the back end of the console, see image 5.

5) once you have undone the two torx bolts and lifted the coin holder. you can then grab the console its self, from the cup holder lifting it upwards. The whole thing will come straight out no problem. If you then look underneath the bottom of each compartment. there is a piece that comes away to allow you to remove any obstacles. However the main tray will still be connected by the electrical lead to the cigarette light. To remove this you need to pull this towards you to detach the connecter. Don't pull it straight down. See image 6

I tried this several times to no avail. Once you disconnected the cigarette lighter the whole fitting just lifts straight out.

Refitting is reverse procedure...!!!! Image 1.jpg Image 5.jpg Image 5.jpg Image 5.jpg Image 5.jpg


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May 8, 2012
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I forget now what I lost down there on mine when I had it. I had a look at doing what you have posted .... but decided I could live without it! :D


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Feb 19, 2006
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Fabulous post to revive it.

been cleaning my W251 the last 2 days and was never going to get the centre tray clean without removal. I am a bit A like that.

Anyhow thanks to the OP although (s)he seems not active here anymore

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