R170 SLK Audio 10 ipod / phone connection?


Jul 20, 2007
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Another week another query in my challenge to keep the missus happy ;) Sorry if this has been asked before.

In her SLK she has the bog standad Audio 10 CD player that came with it as the bog standard option when new in 2003. She would like to use her iphone with it to be able to play music. On my Exige (Blaupunkt stereo) I was able to buy a cheap cable that plugged into the aux socket on the stereo with an ipod on the other end. Not full ipod control but basically it plays nicely whatever the ipod is kicking out by tricking it that its a CD changer I presume.

Does such a thing exist for the CD changer connection on the Audio 10? It would need to be iphone compatible ideally (my blaupunkt one isn't) but if that isn't possible that wouldn't be the absolute end of the world as she does have an ipod as well that could live in the car.

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