Race Glaze launch new Consumer 9H Ceramic product


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Mar 7, 2013
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New ceramic paint coating from Race Glaze has a heart of glass

The latest addition to the extensive range of car care and finishing solutions from British company, Race Glaze, is the new RG-9H Ceramic paint and bodywork coating system, designed for application at home, which produces a hard ‘glass-like’ finish, protecting vehicles against scratching and damage.

Using advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) coating technology, Race Glaze RG-9H Ceramic adheres to the car’s original paintwork at a molecular level, creating an ultra-hard 9H rated 3 micron thick barrier that repels water and provides excellent resistance to dust, road film and acids found in bug spatter and bird droppings.

As the typical life of the coating is 5-years, which is around 10 times that of the best Carnauba wax, this means that the car looks better for longer and is easier to clean. It also provides a high resistance to scratches, scuffs and the creation of ‘swirls’ during washing and drying.

RG-9H Ceramic is packaged and sold as a complete kit for £79.99, which will easily cover a family saloon up to a large 4 x 4 and includes 50ml of RG-9H Ceramic coating, 250ml of pre-cleaner. Applicators, cloths and detailed instructions on how to prepare the vehicle and apply the coating system for best results are also included in the kit.

Mark Wibberley, Managing Director with Race Glaze, explained: “RG-9H Ceramic was created and formulated as a high quality professional grade product, which is optimised for car owners to apply themselves, at home and who might not have used this type of coating before, but want high strength uncompromising protection for their vehicle in an affordable kit.”

He added: “Another key advantage is that RG-9H is manufactured in an ISO 9001 quality assured and certified production environment and isn’t a ‘cheap’ Far-East manufactured ‘clone’ product, which are not typically formulated for use in cool damp climates such as the UK. A single coating is all that is required and once cured the vehicle will enjoy a high gloss smooth finish that is resistant to fading, oxidisation, corrosion, scratching, solvents, UV, extreme temperatures, dirt and water.”

RG-9H is suitable for use on painted bodywork, chrome, alloy, stainless steel and side windows, as well as safe to use on all vinyl, stickers, plastics, mirrors, metals, chrome, headlights, rear lights - basically everything except rubber trim.

Further product information can be obtained by visiting www.raceglaze.co.uk

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