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Race Glaze launches in Australia

Discussion in 'Autocare, Detailing, Valet, Product reviews' started by Morethanpolish, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Race Glaze UK goes down under and launches water filter range in Australia
    New website: www.raceglaze.com.au

    UK based car care and finishing specialist, Race Glaze has expanded its reach by launching its popular water filter range in Australia supported by a new dedicated website and locally held stock availability for fast delivery.

    The water filters are already best sellers in the UK, as they provide pure filtered water for rinsing cars during washing, which removes water spots and mineral residues normally left on paintwork, allowing the vehicle to dry naturally which saves time and effort.

    Race Glaze MD, Mark Wibberley said: “The hot climate in Australia means that cars ‘air-dry’ extremely quickly and this causes the rapid formation of water spot mineral deposits even while the car is still being washed. This makes our water filters an ideal labour saving solution and allows a better finish to be achieved. We’ve only had the website live for a couple of weeks and early sales have been encouraging alongside interest in some of the other products from our ‘best selling’ UK product lines.”
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