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Nov 1, 2008
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Hi all

Hope everyone safe under current circumstances.

I have the e350 cdi coupe on a 65 plate and have rain water trapped inside. From research it turns out the water gets trapped in the sills and to drain this , plastic drain plugs under the car need to be removed which are located next to the cars jacking points.

ive done this a few times but to be honest it’s becoming a pain to keep draining each time we have rain by having to remove the plugs each time. If I was to permanently remove the plugs would there be any issues ?

If it helps, the car doesn’t have a pano roof so no danger of any water getting in via this

thanks all



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Jan 5, 2012
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Your Mercedes
E350 CDI Coupe C207 2010 \ SLK 250 R172 2011.
I have an E350 coupe 2010 vintage, I removed these drain plugs about 4 years ago , No issue to date.

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