Removing W209 (W203, W211) exterior trim


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Dec 1, 2012
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2003 CDI 270
I have a 2003 CLK that I want refresh some paint on. It seems that body shops are not particularly keen on removing trim to paint - I suspect because masking is much faster.

I am considering removing the trim myself before the car goes in.

Could I have some advice on how easy or hard it would be?

At the moment, I am thinking:
- rubbing strips on quarters, doors and wings
- horizontal window seal at the top of the door (gap between door and glass)
- horizontal part of the seal around the rear window
- boot lip spoiler (which I think is glued on)

Thoughts? On BMWs, you simply pull off with the small risk of the trim breaking and falling inside the body. That would be fine, not keen on things like removing door cards.

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