Retrofitting centre dashboard clock on R231


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Dec 28, 2018
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South Wales
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2015 SL400
The SL is my forever car and to be fair comes with a great spec (airscarf, keyless entry, pan roof, electric wind deflector, upgraded alloys etc)

But the tiny detail the original owner forgot to specify is the optional analogue clock on the centre of the dashboard.

There are a couple beginning to appear on EBay so does anyone know please whether I can retrofit one?

Is there a trim panel which helpfully lifts out or would it be a case of replacing the entire upper dashboard (in which case it really wouldn't be worth it).

What about the electrics? Would it be plug and play or does it need to be programmed in so that it syncs with the other clock in the car etc etc?

Any help appreciated please before I decide whether it is worth the cost and trouble.


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