Roof Bars for W203 Coupe - race!


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Mar 8, 2009
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Bosham, West Sussex, UK
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2003 W203 220 CDi Coupe
Just returned from a camping weekend and my £30 official merc roof bars (from ebay) did me proud. While sitting here procrastinating I got to wonder how much the bars would be to buy from the stealers, thought I'd call them to find out.

Phoned local stealership (Chichester), asked to hold, got put through to someone else, asked to hold, said they needed VIN number as the model changes (yeah I know) I explained it as prefacelift W203 Coupe and that the bars for coupe fit all models 01-07, he again told me they change, he needed Reg number, asked to hold, said he'd call me back.

Now, I know I'm basically wasting their time (I already have a set) but surely someone could just do a few clicks on a mouse and find a price, if I was after just about any other item from a "normal" retailer, they could do it.

Bless 'em, all part of that MB Dealership charm.

Anyone fancy a race and want to try beating the nice man to a reply for the price?

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